Thermoforming is a technique for moulding plastic materials starting from hot plates or film coils. With vacuum thermoforming, in particular, the preheated plastic material settles on the mould by suction, reproducing the shape and the details of the mould itself.

There are many advantages with this method: versatility in the construction of more or less complex details, low-costs and reduced time in the construction of the equipment needed (moulds, cutting jigs and robot programs), not particularly high production line batch, the possibility of working different types of plastics, high quality of materials used from both the aesthetic and the technical point of view.

AB GROUP has been able to optimize these advantages, offering itself as an always moving organization, with a constantly improving quality of individual services, by designing the graphic, prototypes, pre-series and series with fast delivery and advanced technical solutions.


Our production cycles use any plastic material such as

  •  ABS
  • ABS + PMMA
  • PST
  • HDPE
  • PVC
  • PMMA
  •  ASA
  • PETG, self-extinguishing, colored, transparent, silk screened.
Thanks to thermoforming technique we can fill the most unthinkable areas: from furnishing to automotive industry, from sanitary to the food industry. We make from the smaller and simpler product such as CUP COVERS - ELECTRICAL PANEL SHELLS - TUBS, to a more complex and larger one such as cover for pressure washers, tanning showers, equipped panels for showers, waste baler presses, caps and canopies, shower trays, pallets for moving materials and tables.


We have 5 traditional vacuum thermoforming machines with maximum dimensions of 3000* 2000 mm h = 700 that allow us to print sheets up to 10 mm thick; a special oven useful for the realization of paneling of all kinds and processing materials as transparent methacrylate and polycarbonates; of a special TWIN SHEET technology thermoforming machine which allows us to obtain two housings perfectly joined and sealed together from a single print, without noticing the junction point.

The structure is completed with a cutting department, equipped with four 5-axis CNC robots with 3D programming, which allow us to perform various types of holes and slots in and give uniformity of cut to the entire production lot, and with a 5-axis laser cutting.
Whenever it won’t be possible to perform computerized cutting, for limited quantities reasons, we can perform manual finishes.

Finally our satellite activities and their synergy allow us to assemble, bond and seal various components by means of polyurethane or acrylic - mono or bi-components - glues, or through ultrasonic welding.
Further finishing of the pieces that we can achieve are: screen printing and laser engraving or painting.