About Us


Our company was born almost half a century ago as a carpenter’s shop dedicated to shops and supermarkets’ furnishing. Over the years, under the market hints and needs and thanks to the self-confident management of its founder - then assisted by his sons - the company has progressively increased and developed its offer by constantly including new technologies and products in its know-how.

In the ‘80s it launched itself in the foamed polyurethane field with competency and rigor. At first it complied with the needs of the refrigerator industry, but then it diversified products and their applications according to the requests and needs of its clients. This brought to the introduction of the department of plastics moulding almost twenty years ago and enabled AB GROUP SRL to grow and diversify its products offering even more and positioning itself in the market as a company that can fully supply with any product and can offer a complete service.

AB GROUP SRL, is a family enterprise and a cutting-edge industrial structure at the same time. It is organized in various departments linked together that constantly interact among them and it specializes in the production of plastic, steel, foil, laminated and caulk or non-caulk products in foamed polyurethane on behalf of third parties.


Versatility, research, development and innovation

are the key words that have always guided us and will keep directing our projects so that we can still offer a wider product range to our clients. This becomes possible thanks to the introduction of new raw materials and new technologies which allow us to best satisfy the present and future market needs through a dynamic and competitive answer to the most various demands that we will be addressed.


The company has expanded believing in the efficacy of technology and productivity development more and more, but always caring about environment protection issues. It has recently installed a photovoltaic power system of almost 300 KW power at its peak that is completely integrated into the roof.

The company has always arranged for the recycling of plastic production waste using special mills that grind them and reintroducing the obtained bead in the production process.
It used recycled raw material, coming from the reintroduction of the above mentioned production waste.

Or even, the use of a water expanding agent and zero GWP emission polyurethane.
The high sustainability entrepreneurial project has developed over time through the evolution of smart technologies. It aims at pursuing economic ends while interacting with the environment, the community and clients, which eventually benefit of the undertaken processes.