Metal working is entrusted to our affiliated BMINOX SRL, a company which is part of our group and has decades of experience in the field of mechanical subcontracting. BMINOX SRL is characterized by the high quality and precision with which it is able to meet customer requirements, starting from the same client’s idea, developing it, designing it and eventually creating a quality product, artfully made thanks to the experience of the highly qualified staff, combined with a sophisticated fleet.

Starting from a simple metal sheet we can create for you a product of different shapes and sizes, drilled according to the most varied requirements, bent and welded according to the specific project.


Galvanized steel, pickled, pre-varnished or plasticized, all kinds of stainless steel AISI 304, 316, 430 of high quality are raw materials used in the production process, which concern a wide range of manufactured goods, semi-finished and non-finished.
In fact we make special subcontracting items for the indu
strial furniture, office furniture, shelving units, tables and cabinets, customized on specific customer request.

Moreover, our application on small items such as ashtrays for outdoor use, steel and Plexiglas shelves, reinforcements with various slots, coat hangers, small drawers.


The fleet made available for manufacturing consists of SCHIAVI SHEAR MACHINE for cutting sheet metal with a thickness that goes from mm. 0.5-0.6 to mm. 2-2.5; of 2 punching machines that allow computerized processing up to mm.1250*4000.

We also have a wide range of marks and dies with which we can make punctures and the most varied forms.

For the bending of the pieces we have 4 benders that allow us to realize folds from a minimum of 5 mm to a maximum of 4000 mm, including the possibility to realize bend-and-press.
Finally we can point and TIG weld sheets of 0.8-1 - 1.2 mm thickness to perfection, which are then thoroughly cleaned to remove any blemish.