Foaming in expanded polyurethane is the mix of polyol and isocyanate through specific computerized machines that properly calculate and fill the products with a density equal to 38-40 kg/mc in case of low density, and of 200 kg/mc or more in case of high density.

This production can be applied to the refrigeration and conditioning sectors because it keeps a great endurance under hot/cold variations. It is also used in the food and sanitary industries, in the furnishing and wind power sectors, thanks to the fact that the foamed piece is solid and light at the same time.

Foaming does not limit its use to any material: steel, sheet metal in general, plastic, and more, and satisfies different needs.


Since foaming has great thermal and acoustic performances, it applies to many uses and allows for the isolation and the strengthening of products and paneling, even of considerable size ones.

For example, it is of good use for bolstering plastic SHOWER TRAYS AND SINKS, foamed with high density polyurethane, up to 500 kg/mc. We can also apply it to more complex manufacturing, like panels for air conditioning lines, parts of refrigerated cabinets or building structures for food-vending machines, or storage tanks for solar power plants.

Even more, it is used in the sanitary field, with the realization of briefcases made in plastic and then foamed that are used in the transportation of sanitary products that need a constant temperature, as well as in the food industry, for which we created plastic or steel trays of polyurethane insulated at sight.

We use polyurethane with foaming agent to HSC365, but aware and respectful of the environment around us, in recent years we have approached the use of zero GWP polyurethane, which uses a water foaming agent.


thermo-heated presses which are used for making products up to mm.4500 * 1500 with a maximum height of about 550 or special distributor / food modules.

Furthermore it has a line with 4 computerized foaming machines, including 2 at high pressure and 2 at low pressure, recently replaced, since technological innovation required it.

A good part of the foaming jigs, which allow the containment of the piece during the process of polyurethane insulation, is internally generated thanks to skilled technicians and computerized machines to CNC. In case, however, there were any special needs, we rely on external partners with excellent preparation in the implementation of sophisticated and special foaming templates.

Thanks to the experience achieved through the variety of processes and the flexibility of our highly qualified and skilled staff , assisted by the support of advanced equipment, we are able to achieve the goal required by our customers.

We guarantee the highest precision in the final result and respect and consistency of quality standards through a quality control that follows the product in each production step and verifies its correspondence with the technical specifications required by the design or by the customer himself/herself.